After reading all the material on this website one may think what does this all mean?

What is the future for the LGBT community when it comes representation in the Hispanic/Latin media market?

I have an answer for both of those questions but first before answering; I have to examine the factor of time and how it has played a part in representation of LGBT in Hispanic/Latin media.

The first time the LGBT community saw an act of advocacy on their side when it came to the Hispanic/Latin media market is in 2005. Now as seen in previous tabs there were early telenovelas that showed the LGBT community but only few did it fairly. In 2002, Roberto Hernandez was phone called pranked by Univision owned radio station one morning. During the prank phone call the radio station falsely portrayed themselves as another gay men who was interested in Roberto and used his sexual orientation as entertainment for the radio listeners. Roberto sued Univision for $270,000 and won!


Then later organizations such as GLAAD and production companies like Univision stepped up to expectations. They did this with their telenovelas and talk shows. The introduction of LGBT in the market increased viewership but also introduced the Spanish culture to a new modern perspective that was far from traditional. With advocacy of LGBT representation coming from all directions the cultural outlook of how Hispanics/Latinos looked at the community was bound to become less negative. The essence of time played a big part in this sense of change.


2014 Freedom to marry poll*

As you see from the numbers the support of the LGBT community is slowing but steadily growing in Hispanic/Latin culture. This change and support for the LGBT community is only the beginning. The representation and treatment of the LGBT community as even more progress to make as time goes by. The future seems to be bright with laws by Latin and Hispanic countries becoming showing support in same sex marriage such as in countries like Mexico and Argentina.


Hopefully, with the changes in politics, telenovelas,  and support by advocacy groups the LGBT community can continue to prosper but only time will tell.